How to Grow “Calamint”,”Calamintha” – Best Indoor Outdoor Planting, Harvesting, Gardening Ideas.



Calamint is dotted with masses of tiny flowers that attract butterflies from midsummer until frost. The small white or pale lavender blooms make a good substitute for baby’s breath. Calamint is a member of the mint family, but it doesn’t spread by runners, so it usually remains well behaved in the garden. However, it can self-seed and occasionally pops up elsewhere in the landscape. Grow calamint in a location with good drainage for a low-maintenance, drought-tolerant perennial with airy texture.

Type: Herb, Perennial

Heigth: 1 to 3 feet

Width: To 30 inches

Flower color: Blue, Purple, White

Seasonal features: Summer bloom

Problem solvers: Deer resistant, Drought resistant

Special features: Attracts birds, Cut flowers, Fragnance, Good for containers, Low maintenance

Zones: 4-9

Growing Calamint Herbs

Place calamint plants in full sun where soils drain well. Container gardening is a good way to keep the herbs from spreading. They also make excellent border plants but some maintenance is necessary to keep the plant from invading other areas. The potager garden is also a prime spot for growing calamint herbs. There you can easily access the leaves and stems for a host of useful purposes.

Calamint has few pest or disease problems but you need to be vigilant for small insect pests such as whitefly. Treat with a horticultural soap or blasts of fresh water to rinse off the insects.

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