How to Grow “Epazote”,”Dysphania ambrosioides” Herb?- Best Herbal Planting, Harvesting, Gardening Ideas.


Dysphania ambrosioides

Epazote is a pungent tender perennial most commonly used in Mexican cooking. Use the leaves fresh or dried in bean dishes and soups. Epazote blends well with oregano, cumin, and chiles, but on its own it has a strong flavor that some compare to kerosene.

Mature plants grow 2-3 feet tall. Epazote prefers a dry, sunny site, but isn’t particular about growing conditions. In fact, it readily spreads throughout the garden unless you contain it and remove flower stalks before they set seed.

Light: Part sun. Sun

Type: Herb

Height: 1 to 3 feet

Width: To 3 feet wide

Problem solvers: Drought tolerant

Special features: Good for containers, Low maintenance

Zones: 6-11

How to Grow Epazote

Epazote herb growing is not difficult. This plant is not picky about soil conditions but does prefer full sun. It is hardy in USDA plant hardiness zone 6 to 11.

Plant seeds or seedlings in the early spring once the ground can be worked. In warm areas, epazote is a perennial. Because of its invasive nature, however, it is best grown in containers.

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