“Top 3 Homemade Meat Pickles Recipe”-Homemade Non-veg Pickles

Top 3 Homemade Meat Pickles Recipe 

Recipes for fresh pickles which do not last very long, have been given along with the menus, except for meat and chicken pickles, which I am giving here. If properly made and stored, they will last for a week in the fridge.

1. Chicken Pickle


Ingredients: 500 gm chicken, 750 mustard oil, 8 tsp. vinegar, & green chilies, 2 tsp. chili powder, 1 tsp. turmeric, 2 medium sized onions, 1 heaped tbsp garlic petals, 1 heaped tbsp ginger slices, salt and sugar to taste.

Method: Cut the chicken in small even sized pieces removing the skin and the bones. Wash the pieces and boil in a little water with a pinch of salt. Keep aside. Grind the onions, garlic and ginger. Heat 1/3 of the oil; add the ground masala, then the turmeric, chili pieces, chili powder, salt and sugar. Add the chicken, mix well and keep frying on low heat till tender. Remove, and when cool, add vinegar. Fill the pickle in a jar. Heat the remaining oil, cool it and then pour it on the pickle, so that all the pieces are covered.

2. Mutton Pickle

Ingredients: 1 kg. mutton, 3 dozen dry red chilies, 100 gm cumin seeds, 4 pods garlic, 1 bottle vinegar, 500 gm oil, 100 gm jaggery, salt to taste.

Method: Clean and cut the mutton in small pieces, remove big bones, and boil the pieces in 1/2 of the vinegar and salt on low heat. With the help of some vinegar, grind the garlic and cumin seeds to a fine paste. Heat 3/4 of the oil in a pan and add the ground spices, fry for a while. Now add the mutton with the remaining vinegar and oil. Add the jaggery. Cook till gravy gets thick. Remove from heat and fill in the jar when cold.

3. Keema Pickle (minced meat)

Ingredients: 250 gm keema, 100 gm green chilies, 2 pods garlic, 3 tsp. mustard seeds, 6 cloves, 1 tsp. asafoetida, 1 tsp. turmeric, 3 lemons, 1/2 cup oil, salt to taste.

Method: Powder the cloves and mustard seeds. Chop the chilies and garlic very finely. Mix all the ingredients except the lemons and the oil, and add the mixture to the keema. Heat the oil, add the keema mixture, and cook till tender, on a slow fire. Remove and add the lemon juice when cool.

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