Butter Braised Cabbage with Pepper Recipe, Braised Recipes in English

Butter Braised Cabbage with Pepper

You will need –

  • 500 to 600 gms cabbage
  • 8 tblsp. Butter
  • salt and pepper to taste


  1. Try to get small cabbages, so you can get more convenient sized pieces.
  2. If you have small ones, cut each one into four pieces, keeping a portion of the stem in each piece, so that the leaves do not come loose.
  3. If you have bigger cabbage, cut it in a similar way, into 6 or 8 pieces.
  4. Immerse them in cold water for half an hour. In a thick shallow pan, put half the butter and melt it on low heat.
  5. Place the cabbage pieces on this. Sprinkle them with salt and pepper and dot them with remaining butter. Do not add any water.
  6. Cover with a heavy lid, with water on top of the lid and cook on low heat. After 10 to 15 minutes, turn all the pieces carefully once and cook again till done.
  7. If there is excess juice in the pan after the cabbage is cooked, either evaporate it, increasing the heat and keeping the pan open, or use it in the gravy.

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