How to make Broken Egg Curry Recipe, Egg Drop Curry Recipe in English

Broken Egg Curry/ Egg Drop Curry

You will need –

8 eggs (one per person), 500 gms ripe tomatoes, 250 gms onions, 1 inch ginger, 8 petals garlic, 2 tsp. gram flour, 3 tblsp. pure ghee, salt and chilli powder to taste, 2 tblsp. chopped coriander leaves.


Blanch the tomatoes and put them in the mixer or strainer to obtain a thick pulp. Grate or grind the onions, grind the garlic and ginger. Heat the ghee, add gram flour. Fry on low heat till the flour gives out a nice fried smell. Add garlic – ginger paste and the onion and fry well. Add the tomato juice, salt and chilli powder. Add enough water to make thin gravy. When the gravy starts boiling, break one egg at a time, directly on the gravy. A wide shallow vessel is best for this curry. Cook for a few minutes after putting the last egg in. Remove and garnish with coriander leaves.


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