Top 5 Leftover Food Hacks, Leftover Cake, Rice, Dal, Sabji Food Hack Recipes

Top 5 Leftover Food Hacks

Leftover Rice- Use leftover Rice to make Rice Stuffed Prantha, Gur Chawal(Jaggery rice), Fried Rice, Tikki or Rotla

Leftover Dal(Pulses)- Use leftover Dal to make Prantha (mix dal in atta while making dough), Pakoras, Tikki, Cutlet

Leftover Sabji- Use leftover Sabji(aloo-gobhi, aloo-beans etc.) to make tasty sandwiches. You can use Use leftover Sabji in fried rice or making of prantha

Leftover Cake- You can make Cake Balls from leftover cake just by kneading the cake and frosting together into dough.  Roll the dough into truffle-size balls. You can decorate them with melted chocolate.

Leftover Chicken- Use it for making perfect Chicken Fried Rice

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