How to make “White Pumpkin Jam”, “पेठा का जैम” easy and simple recipe-Jams and Jellies


White Pumpkin Jam, पेठा का जैम 



White Pumpkin (Petha) is rich in calcium and phosphorus which is good for bones. Good for the treatment of epilepsy, mental disorders and control weight gain.

It is also beneficial for those people who are suffering from heart diseases its juice helps to open up blocked arteries. Moreover, it improves the functioning of the pancreas and stimulates insulin; therefore it is good for diabetic patients. It also boosts vision.

It’s cooling effect on our whole system, which makes it beneficial in frequent burning sensations in stomach, lungs, hands, and feet. It can also cool our digestive systems, and diminish the effects of stomach infection, indigestion, acid reflux, liver enlargement, and constipation etc.

Note: It is not good for them who are suffering from asthma, cold or bronchitis as it can increase cough.



  • 1 Kg. white pumpkin (petha)
  • ¾ kg sugar
  • ½ tbsp Citric acid
  • 1 tbsp Pineapple essence or any other flavoring
  • A pinch of orange color (optional)


First wash white pumpkin properly and then peel and grate it well and now remove seeds.

Now, cook pumpkin in a pressure cooker on medium flame with one cup water till soft and water dries.

Now pour out the pulp into a heavy steel pan, add sugar, citric acid and orange color (optional) into it and cook on strong heat till thick.

Remove from heat and add color and essence.

Pour out into a glass jar while hot. Allow it cool and store into a refrigerator.





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