How to make Ham cheese Risotto Recipe, Risotto Recipe in English

Ham cheese Risotto

You will need –

2 cups rice, 2 cups cooked diced ham, 2 medium sized ripe tomatoes, 2 medium sized onions, 2 tblsp. butter, 4 tblsp. grated cheese, salt to taste.


Wash and drain the rice and keep aside. Thinly slice the onions and fry them in the butter till golden brown. Add the rice and fry well. Add salt and enough hot water to make soft but not soggy rice. About four cups or less water should be required. Blanch the tomatoes, peel and cut them in quarters and add them to the rice along with cooked ham. Mix well but gently and cook on very low heat for ten minutes or so. Serve with grated cheese.

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