How to make “Apple Jam” quick recipe-Jams and Jellies

Apple Jam


Key Ingredients

2 Kg Red or yellow Apples

1-1/2 Kg Sugar

1 tbsp Citric Acid(preservative to give jam a longer life)

3 gm Sodium Benzoate (preservative to give jam a longer life)


Peel and core apples. Cut into quarters and put up to boil in a pressure cooker with 1 cup water. Cook for 10 minutes or till pulpy and mash well then add sugar and cook stirring constantly, till water evaporates. Add citric acid and stir quickly. Cook till mixture thickens. Remove from heat. Mix sodium benzoate in a lukewarm water and add this to the jam. Now, jam is ready. Bottle and seal it tightly and keep bottle in a cool place.

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