How to make “Citron Marmalade”, “Galgal ka Murabba”, “गलगल का मुरबा” quick and simple recipe-Jams and Jellies


“Citron Marmalade”, “Galgal ka Murabba”, “गलगल का मुरबा” 


Key Ingredients

  1. 2 large citron (गलगल)
  2. 1-1/2 Kg Sugar


  1. Cut citron in halves
  2. remove the pulp.
  3. Keep pulp aside.
  4. Cut peel into fine  strips .
  5. Soak overnight in salt water.
  6. Drain out water and squeeze out all the bitterness.
  7. Cook peel in 1 liter water in a pressure till soft.
  8. Drain out water and squeeze out peel.
  9. Add chopped pulp and sugar and cook till a drop of syrup sets in cod water.
  10. Bottle when hot.

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