How to make “Citrus Fruit Preserve”, “खट्टे फलों को प्रिजर्व” easy and simple recipe-Jams and Jellies



 “Citrus Fruit Preserve”, खट्टे फलों को प्रिजर्व”



  • 4 kg Citrus fruit peel cut into strips
  • 2 kg Sugar
  • little color if desired


  • Soak peels overnight in salted water.
  • Drain out water and squeeze out peels.
  • Boil peels in water and drain out. Repeat this once more.
  • Squeeze out all the bitterness from the peels.
  • Make thick syrup with the sugar.
  • Add peels and cook till tender and transparent and water dries.
  • Spread peels out to dry on a tray. Sprinkle with sugar.
  • This candied peel can be used in fruit cakes.


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